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About Us and FGM

Not Just Female Circumcision

Yes, SiA Magazine is the first quarterly that celebrates the varied cultural, religious, aesthetic and gender contexts of female (and male) circumcision around the world. But our movement is so much more than that. It is about female empowerment straight from the margins!

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Women's Rites are Women's Rights

We  want all our fans and subscribers to join the conversation! It's our bodies, our cultures, our religions, our beliefs, our values, our preferences, our aesthetics, our sexuality. Our rites are our rights!

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Whether we are Masaai or Somali, Fulani or Bambara, Dawoodi Bohra or Yemeni, Muslim or Christian, we do not have to give up our traditions to be "modern" or "liberated" women.  As educated and enlightened women upholding our proud traditions, we can break down FGM stigma and change the world!