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Welcome to SiA Magazine - Celebrating Female Circumcision /Dispelling FGM

SiA Magazine - Celebrating Female Circumcision (Not FGM)

SiA Magazine is the first women's global quarterly that celebrates female circumcision and dispels FGM! 

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We celebrate female circumcision

SiA Magazine is a safe forum for circumcised women all over the world to share knowledge, experiences, concerns and to celebrate ourselves, embrace our femininity, our bodies and sexuality.  We engage with circumcised women of all races, nationalities, religious beliefs and cultural or traditional backgrounds.  

We celebrate gender equality

Circumcision is a healthy, beautifying bodily practice that has religious and cultural meaning for men and women equally.  Male and female circumcisions have different meanings for different societies and individuals.  At SiA Magazine our focus is on female circumcision, which is  always practiced alongside male circumcision in societies that recognize the equality of female power (matriarchy) and male power (patriarchy).  

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SiA's Blog


SiA Feature Stories


In our Feature Stories section, we highlight breaking news related to female circumcision or resistance to FGM campaigns worldwide, human interest stories, and articles related to sexual and gynecological health, child birth and maternal well-being. With compelling photos and stories from around the world, we keep you up to date on the bold women at the forefront challenging FGM stigma and stereotyping.

Global News

khatna FGM Dawoodi Bohra female circumcision federal case United States

In our Global News section, we cover positive stories and bring you images of female circumcision celebrated worldwide from Malaysia, Indonesia and India to the Sahara belt of Africa, Middle East, and pockets of South America as well as stories of women's global resistance to FGM campaigns

Beauty, Health and Sexual Wellness

female genital cosmetic surgery 
Female Circumcision 
Designer Vagina

One of the biggest myths of FGM is the idea of disfigurement and women's sexual oppression. In this section we bring you the latest information on women's bodies and sexuality, the aesthetics of various female circumcision procedures, the medical benefits (and risks) as well as the real sexual experiences of circumcised women.  

SiA Magazine Special on Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Western women condemn female circumcision as "mutilation", however more and more educated, wealthy, white European, American, Canadian, Australian, Scandinavian etc.  women are "imitating" various forms of female circumcision and rebranding the procedures as "female genital cosmetic surgery".  This SiA special focuses mainly on comparing white women's FGCS with WHO Types II Excision and III Infibulation, which are commonly referred to as the "African" types.  Download the magazine and drop us a line to tell us what you think. 


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